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What is the house type with the highest satisfaction in Wuhan? 70% of the owners said that houses with an area of 100~120 square meters are the most comfortable to live in - there will be no restrictions of small houses, and there is no lack of popularity of large luxury houses. Such houses have become a hot topic in the real estate market. Many Wuhan owners are consulting about how much it will cost to decorate 110 square meters. Wuhan home decoration network has specially sorted out the quotations of three decoration companies for your reference

I. Wuhan high-end decoration company

[Mingshi decoration]

Mingshi decoration is the most distinctive package decoration. Now it mainly promotes three packages: 589 yuan/square meter, 889 yuan/square meter and 1389 yuan/square meter. The specific costs are as follows:

according to the Mingshi decoration budget calculation formula: total cost of decoration engineering = square meter quotation * measured balcony including wall frame area + personalized demand, The cost of decorating a 110 square meter house ranges from 70000 to 160000 yuan. If the owner puts forward more and more personalized needs in the decoration process, the cost will increase

xinfengshang decoration company mainly adopts half package, with an average price of 400 yuan/square meter. The total cost of 110 square meters of decoration, such as design fee + construction cost + management fee, is as follows:

1. Simple decoration. Basic engineering (water and electricity, carpentry, masonry, painters, etc.) plus some soft decoration, the half package quotation needs at least 60000, and the full package cost starts at 72000

2. Fine decoration. On the basis of simple decoration, add ceiling, wall paint color matching and other projects. The half package quotation requires at least 65000, and the full package cost is about 80000

if you want to know more about the decoration cost of 110 square meters by decoration companies, please click Wuhan home decoration network [decoration bidding]. After 30 seconds of registration, four decoration companies will come to measure the room for free, and offer design plans and decoration quotations. What are you hesitating about

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