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At present, the personal housing decoration loan business is running smoothly. A very important reason is that the conditions of the decoration loan are not as strict as before, the operation methods are much more flexible than before, and the operation procedures and methods are also on the right track from exploration, which has led to a substantial increase in the users of decoration credit loans. So, what is the interest rate of decoration credit loan? Next, Xiaobian will lead you to learn about the decoration credit loan and the interest of decoration credit loan

first of all, what is decoration credit loan

credit loan refers to the loan issued with the reputation of the borrower, and the borrower does not need to provide guarantee. Due to the high risk of this kind of loan, it is generally necessary to conduct a detailed investigation on the borrower's economic benefits, management level, development prospects and other conditions to reduce the risk. It is mainly applicable to enterprises (Institutions) legal persons, other economic organizations, and individual industrial and commercial households approved and registered by the administrative department for Industry and commerce, and meets the requirements of the general principles for loans and the provisions of banks. The decoration credit loan, as the name suggests, is a credit loan for decoration expenses. It is a new type of loan launched by the bank in order to solve the financial difficulties encountered by decoration users in the actual process

secondly, how is the interest of decoration credit loan stipulated

the decoration credit loan interest is calculated according to the monthly interest rate, and different banks and loan companies charge different decoration credit loan interest. For example, the monthly interest rate of 1.5% turns into an annual interest rate of 18%. If the repayment method is equal to the principal and interest or the principal, the actual interest paid should be less than the annual interest rate. For example, if the annual interest rate of 20% is repaid with equal principal and interest, the actual interest paid is about 12%

now, we have a simple understanding of the relevant knowledge about decoration credit loan and decoration credit loan interest. Fang Jinyun Xiaobian reminds you here that borrowers who do not meet the conditions of bank decoration credit loans can try to find a formal credit company for loans. Formal credit companies are relatively relaxed in terms of conditions, and have a high probability of successful application




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