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The vast majority of wires and cables are products with exactly the same cross-section (cross-section) shape (ignoring the errors caused by manufacturing) and in a long strip shape, which is determined by the characteristics used as a circuit or coil in the system or equipment. Therefore, to study and analyze the structural composition of cable products, we only need to observe and analyze its section

wires and cables have a wide variety of specifications, a wide range of applications, and the use voltage is more than 1KV. In the face of special occasions, new products are constantly derived, such as fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables, low smoke zero halogen/low smoke low halogen cables, anti termite, anti mouse cables, oil/cold/temperature/wear-resistant cables, medical/agricultural/mining cables, thin-walled wires, etc. Next, the editor will introduce the manufacturers of wires and cables and the reasons for the aging of wires and cables

wire and cable manufacturers

1. Baosheng cable

Baosheng's wire and cable products are widely used in major international and domestic engineering projects. The establishment of wire sales company aims to expand Baosheng's high-quality wire products with first-class technology, equipment and management achievements from professional fields to civil and special fields, develop, establish and manage the retail distribution market network, and gradually cooperate with a number of equipment, vehicles Electronic enterprises form close strategic cooperation

2. Luneng Taishan cable

Shandong Luneng Taishan Cable Co., Ltd., founded in March, 1994, was formerly known as Shandong Cable Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Later, it was renamed Shandong Luneng Taishan Cable Co., Ltd. in 1999

3. Colorful Jiangnan Cable

Wuxi Jiangnan Cable Co., Ltd. was founded in the early 1980s by the original Wuxi Jiangnan Cable Co., Ltd. through asset restructuring. After nearly 30 years of development, it has become a nationally renowned large-scale cable enterprise and has been selected for three consecutive years “ Top 500 Chinese manufacturers ”, And selected “ Top 500 Asian brands &rdquo

4. Yanggu Cable

Yanggu Cable is a technology intensive, high-efficiency national large-scale enterprise producing and operating, and the largest rubber sheathed cable production base in China. Now it has assets of 3 billion yuan and has seven branches, which can produce more than 800 models and 21000 specifications of wires and cables in seven categories, with an annual comprehensive production capacity of 5 billion yuan

5. Panda wire

panda wire was founded in 1947 to produce “ Panda ” Shanghai Plastic Wire Factory Co., Ltd., which is famous for brand wires, is a professional enterprise producing all kinds of plastic insulated wires and cables. It is one of the oldest and most influential professional factories in the wire and cable industry for electrical equipment in China

aging causes of wires and cables

1. External force damage. According to the operation analysis in recent years, especially in haipudong, where the economy is developing rapidly, a considerable number of cable faults are caused by mechanical damage. For example, nonstandard construction during cable laying and installation is easy to cause mechanical damage; Civil construction on directly buried cables is also very easy to damage the cables in operation. Sometimes, if the damage is not serious, it will take months or even years to cause the complete breakdown of the damaged part to form a fault. Sometimes, if the damage is serious, a short-circuit fault may occur, which will directly affect the safety production of cables and power users

2. Insulation is damp. This kind of situation is also very common, which usually occurs at the cable joint in the direct burial or row pipe. For example, if the cable joint is made unqualified or in a humid climate, water will enter the joint or be mixed with water vapor. After a long time, water branches will be formed under the action of the electric field, which will gradually damage the insulation strength of the cable and cause failure

3. Chemical corrosion. If the cable is directly buried in the area with acid-base effect, it will often cause the armor, lead skin or outer protective layer of the cable to be corroded. The protective layer will suffer from chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion for a long time, resulting in the failure of the protective layer, the reduction of insulation, and also the cable failure. The cable corrosion of chemical units is quite serious

4. Long term overload operation. During overload operation, due to the thermal effect of current, the conductor will inevitably heat up when the load current passes through the cable. At the same time, the skin effect of charge, the eddy current loss of steel armor and the loss of insulating medium will also produce additional heat, which will increase the cable temperature. During long-term overload operation, excessive temperature will accelerate the aging of insulation and even the insulation will be broken down. Especially in hot summer, the temperature rise of the cable often leads to the breakdown of the weak part of the cable insulation first, so in summer, there are especially many cable faults

5. Cable joint failure. The cable joint is the weakest link in the cable line, and the cable joint failure caused by the direct fault of personnel (poor construction) often occurs. In the process of making cable joints, if there are original nets such as loose crimping and insufficient heating of joints, the insulation of cable heads will be reduced, resulting in accidents

editor's summary: that's all for the manufacturers of wires and cables and the reasons for the aging of wires and cables. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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