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This is a set of American style decoration cases, pure, fashionable and textured. Every corner is exquisitely portrayed and orderly, just like the personality of female owners, calm and delicate, but bold and capable. Come and enjoy with Hennessy doors and windows

decoration effect drawing

the floor of the living room is paved with oak floor, with fresh and beautiful color. Modern light luxury carpets designed with abstract lines are laid in them, and furniture and lighting with golden outlines are added to make the whole space more delicate

the American three person sofa feels relaxed and natural. The classic silver rivet edge is used as accessories, and the elegant texture that cannot be hidden between the folds arises spontaneously

the combination of azure sofa background wall and customized decorative light strip makes it refreshing, clean and delicate. The light and mottled lotus leaf shaped wall decoration in the middle of the wall background makes the space present a different style

the integrated pattern of the guest restaurant makes the space more spacious and classic

the restaurant is dominated by blue and white tones, combined with exquisite American soft clothes, presenting an elegant and light extravagant atmosphere. The white customized side cabinet is both beautiful and practical. The copper handle and the metal chandelier add a bit of gorgeous flavor

elegant and meticulous tableware layout, life needs some sense of ceremony

the white cabinets in the kitchen are equipped with gold handles to bring an elegant and clean feeling. The addition of pink and blue tones adds a touch of calmness to the host's life

the end view cabinet at the end of the aisle is decorated with some exquisite decorations, which is fashionable and stylish. Match it with a gorgeous oil painting to brighten your eyes

the study adopts the classic hue of blue and white, and creates a soothing and quiet space with the purity of white and the composure of blue

an American single sofa is set up in the corner near the window, which is elegant and comfortable under the light of exquisite and small floor lamps

the daughter's room is dominated by light and dreamy light pink, full of girlish hearts, fresh and gentle

the master bedroom adds a soft and elegant grayish purple to the white + wood tone, making sleeping more warm and sleepy

the bedside background wall is used with gentle sand tea wallpaper, and the elegant gray purple big bed is placed indoors, bringing a soothing and elegant feeling

the bed is accompanied by a quiet azure blue, combined with American soft decoration details, and the whole bedroom is immersed in a quiet and dignified atmosphere

in addition to the normal wardrobe in the master bedroom, an independent cloakroom is separated for the female owner near the master bathroom. While meeting the storage needs of the family, it also facilitates the life of the hostess to a great extent

the bathroom is dominated by simple gray white, which is simple and elegant as a whole. The design of dry and wet zones can effectively prevent moisture emission and improve the use efficiency




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