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Wardrobe, a necessary furniture for home life. Especially for women, can a home without a wardrobe be called home! Don't choose a wardrobe at will. Choosing the wrong one may bring you infinite trouble. So, what kind of wardrobe is good? How to choose a wardrobe? Now let's talk about the secret of wardrobe design

wardrobe design 1. Customize according to the housing area

Home customization products should first meet the daily living needs of family members. When choosing customized wardrobe, the type and size of products should be determined according to the number and situation of family members. If the area of the house is limited, but the population is slightly large, the custom wardrobe should be mainly to save space. When choosing wardrobe and other products, the shape should be as simple as possible, and the volume should be relatively small

many people complain that the customized wardrobe doesn't match the decoration style at home. In this regard, it is suggested that the style of the wardrobe should be determined before the implementation of decoration. Then according to this style, customize and buy the wardrobe and soft decoration, so as to avoid the inconsistency between the wardrobe and the overall decoration style

wardrobe design 2. The cabinet size is complete

the height of the cabinet hanging short clothes or suits is not less than 800mm

the height of the cabinet hanging the long coat shall not be less than 1300mm

the height of the drawer shall not be less than 150mm ~ 200mm

the width of the cabinet for stacking clothes is between 330-400mm, and the height is not less than 350mm

the height of the upper end of the wardrobe where the quilt is placed should not be less than 400mm

wardrobe design 3. The clothes of young people are diversified, which are suitable for talents

the clothes of young couples are diversified. Generally, the left and right sides are set as the storage space for men and women respectively. The hanger in the cabinet is usually divided into long and short layers to store coats and tops respectively. Shirts can also be placed in independent small drawers or shelves, so that they will not be wrinkled and ugly because too many clothes are squeezed together

underwear, ties and socks can be used with special small grids, which is not only conducive to clothing maintenance, but also more intuitive and convenient to pick up; Sweaters can be placed in deep drawers; Pants are stored on special hangers

wardrobe design 4. Children grow up quickly, and the wardrobe design should comprehensively consider children's clothes. Usually, there are fewer pendants, more clothes are stacked, and the placement of children's toys should be considered

when designing the wardrobe, we can consider a large all-in-one cabinet. There are only pendants on the upper floor, and the lower floor is empty, which can facilitate children to open the cabinet door at any time to pick up and store toys and meet the fun mentality of children

wardrobe design 5. The elderly stack more clothes and less pendants

the elderly parents stack more clothes and usually have less pendants, so more laminates and drawers can be considered in the design. Because of the physical condition of the elderly, it is not suitable to climb or squat down, and the drawers in the wardrobe should not be placed at the bottom, which should be about 1 meter high from the ground. If possible, consider that the upper layer of the wardrobe is equipped with lifting hangers

a good wardrobe not only brings the enjoyment of visual beauty, but also provides many conveniences in daily life. A good home must be inseparable from a good wardrobe. The above is the relevant knowledge of wardrobe design of Xiaobian. I hope it can be helpful to you





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