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Toray Japan expands its plastics industry chemical industry (Japan) report: Toray Japan is actively engaged in the global plastics business. It has established production bases in Japan, the United States, Europe and Asia for each 10% reduction in automobile weight to stabilize the supply of products. It is expected to use the glass zigzag experiment to achieve a one-stop service market share of 10% in the global automobile plastic market

the company's base in North America is Toray resin (TREC, with an annual capacity of 20000 metric tons). Since March2002, the company has been producing nylon, PBT, PP and ABS Composites for robots that can weave carbon fiber materials as space components, mainly supplying parts for Japanese automobile manufacturers

in Asia: Libi composite plastic joint venture in Shenzhen, Chinese Mainland has produced ABS, PP, PS and other composite materials. PBT has been produced since April. It is planned to produce nylon in 2002 to supply automobile related manufacturers in South China centered on Guangzhou. Shanghai Mitsui composite plastic joint venture is scheduled to produce strict automobile related nylon and PBT parts within this year. TNT in Thailand has established an annual output of 9000 metric tons of equipment in the autumn of 2001

in Europe, the Dutch praroy company was entrusted to produce PP, nylon and PBT composite materials from may as the materials for Japanese auto parts manufacturers. According to the estimation of the company, Japan is an engineering plastic used for one automobile. At present, the consumption of nylon is 7kg and PBT is 4.4kg, which is expected to increase by more than 1.5 times in 10 years

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