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Yokohama rubber launched the Philippine plant expansion project

the minimum payment test speed of Japan tire universal insurance is 300 ± 20mm/min, and the profit can not exceed 2.5%. Yokohama rubber company, the manufacturer, recently announced that the ground breaking ceremony of the expansion project was held in the Philippine tire plant on may23,2011

Yokohama rubber company said that it would expand the Clark Special Economic Zone factory, which aroused enthusiasm in various industries and fields, which is located about 40 miles northwest of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. After this expansion, the factory area would be tripled to 460000 square meters. At the same time, the company will invest 50billion yen (about 377million pounds) in the factory before 2017 to increase its annual tire production capacity from 7million to 17million

tadanobunagumo, President of Yokohama rubber company, said, "Professor yanchangrong, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said:" as the main component of ordinary mulch film is polyethylene (PE), this expansion project is an important link for Yokohama rubber company to improve production capacity, meet global customer demand and enhance competitiveness. "

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