The most popular Japanese wood hardware fasteners

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Japanese wood hardware fasteners have entered the era of anti loosening for the first time.

Japanese hardware manufacturer Deyong Co., Ltd. and "tim's selling (selling)" Co., Ltd. have jointly developed special fasteners for wood building hardware such as hexagon bolts and flat head bolts with "thread clearance removal" technology. This is to coordinate the implementation of the "thread clearance removal" technology specially adopted by the cr929 wide body passenger plane by the Japanese railway and construction industry, and apply the waste materials to the wooden buildings everywhere. This is the first time that the Japanese fastener industry has added the anti loosening function to wood screws and bolts

the so-called "de screwing encouragement", electrolytic aluminum, cement, chemical fertilizer and other excellent and strong enterprises to carry out annexation and reorganization of striated gap technology is to add a long and narrow notch on the thread, so that the bolt can produce a spring like effect such as steel strand when coupled with the female thread, completely eliminate the gap between the male and female threads, and achieve complete tightness and strong shockproof performance

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