The most popular JEC Asia Exhibition in Singapore

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The Singapore JEC Asia exhibition came to an end

2010 JEC international composite Asia exhibition was held in 2010, and the "automotive injection molding systematization solution exchange" was held in Singapore on October, 2010, to ceremoniously display the science, technology and outstanding performance of composite materials. As the output of composite materials in the Asia Pacific region continues to rise, the number of exhibitors and professional visitors of the third JEC international composite materials Asia exhibition will increase. According to incomplete statistics of GGII. This year, the exhibition will welcome leading enterprises in all links of the value chain, with more than 300 exhibitors and about 10000 visitors. Last year's exhibition attracted 7000 professional visitors from 56 countries

2010 JEC Asia innovation award will include the following Xinda groups' cooperation with multiple peek product manufacturers to verify the award category: aerospace, automobile and other means of transport defense and ballistic building and infrastructure ocean space and Telecommunications water solutions wind energy automation/process

at the same time, this year is the third year of JEC Asia Innovation Award. The industrial growth in the Asia Pacific region is experiencing a strong momentum of development. JEC Asia innovation award has quickly established its status as the highest level award in the field of composite materials in Asia, leading the trend of the latest scientific and technological development. The 2010 JEC Asia innovation award aims to promote and reward the most innovative composite solutions in the region, improve the popularity of companies and their partners actively participating in the development of composite materials, and support the progress of composite materials technology in an all-round way

founded in 1998, JEC innovation award is a global project dedicated to promoting successful innovation, and has been supported by major companies and industry magazines in the composite industry. Every year, a jury composed of well-known experts in the industry will select the best composite innovation scheme in different application categories according to the technical interests, market potential, partnership, financial impact and originality of each company. In the past 12 years, JEC innovation award has reviewed more than 1000 companies from all over the world

"the breadth of the enterprises listed in the usually gentle Jinchengli list, the candidate of JEC Innovation Award, reflects the diversity in the global composite industry. The award will be awarded to the companies selected by our expert panel who have created the most innovative solutions in their respective fields." Said fr é D é rique MUTEL, President and CEO of JEC group

in view of the growing scale of the Asian composite material market and a series of technological innovations emerging in the region, the 2010 JEC Asia innovation award will continue to develop on the basis of the success of last year's project as expected, and make people further understand the development of composite material applications led by Asian companies

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