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The decoration of the hallway is not simple, it represents your taste and quality, because the first thing guests see before entering the door is the hallway, but there are many Feng Shui stresses in the decoration of the hallway. If you don't understand it, then the following editor will introduce the decoration and Feng Shui of the hallway, and see what Feng Shui taboos there are in the decoration of the hallway

hall aisle decoration and Feng Shui

taboo 1. If there are fewer natural light sources in the aisle, we should pay attention to the lighting problem. If the aisle lighting is enough, our journey can be improved, especially when we have more knowledge of decoration Feng Shui, we can use it and reduce unnecessary problems, so we need to carefully make corresponding references during decoration, In order to solve and correct these problems

taboo 2. Garbage cans should not be placed at the sharp corners of the hallway. Feng Shui says that the sharp corners are quite annoying, so try not to place garbage cans in the hallway. It is best to place garbage cans at the corners of the hallway. However, in order to avoid foul gas rushing into the room along the hallway, it is better to choose garbage cans with covers when choosing garbage cans

taboo 3. If the beam appears in the hallway of the hall, you should pay attention to it when decorating to see whether it can be avoided, because the beam is a place with heavy evil spirit in Feng Shui, which will not only affect the visual beauty, but also produce an invisible sense of oppression on the residents

taboo 4. There are many decorations in the hallway. It is not that the more objects are hung, the larger the volume, the better the Feng Shui. On the contrary, the decorative items in the hallway should not be too large, because the area of the hallway is relatively small and narrow. If the decorative items are larger, they will appear smaller

taboo 5. It is not suitable to place too large vases in the hallway. According to Feng Shui, it is easy to attract peach blossoms, so try to avoid them. At the same time, try to avoid choosing materials with blurred light and shadow in the hallway. This kind of material is harsh and harmful to people's vision. Cultural stone material should be selected, which is more natural and has a good effect

taboo VI. the color of the hallway should be moderate in depth, and the wall should be smooth and not uneven, otherwise it will affect the transportation of the house; The floor of the hallway should be flat, and the color can be dark, but not too smooth

editor's summary: the above is about the decoration and Feng Shui of the vestibule aisle and the Feng Shui taboos of the vestibule aisle. Through the above content, we also know about the decoration and Feng Shui taboos of the vestibule aisle. When decorating the vestibule aisle, we must pay attention to the above taboos to avoid some unnecessary trouble, and hope to help you





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