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The phenomenon of counterfeiting and shoddy is very serious in the decorative materials industry, and the inferior building materials products pose a great threat to the famous and high-quality products

the phenomenon of counterfeiting and shoddy is very serious in the decorative materials industry, and inferior building materials products pose a great threat to famous and high-quality products. With the continuous standardization of the market, we have also summed up some experience in identifying low-quality counterfeit products. Now let's take a look at the mistakes that consumers are most likely to make in decoration

low grade and low-quality coating products are close to "famous brands"

low grade and low-quality products flood the interior wall coating market, and the phenomenon of near famous brands is relatively serious. Take Nippon as an example, some coating products add prefixes and suffixes to the "Nippon" trademark - "Nippon in the new era, Nippon in the new generation", etc., and such names are as many as more than 100 according to statistics; For another example, some manufacturers maliciously registered enterprise names with the name of "Nippon", which led to confusion and misunderstanding among consumers. These unqualified products are very similar to well-known brands in appearance. Ordinary consumers will be cheated if they pay little attention, which will damage the reputation of regular famous brands and interfere with the normal development of the coating market

countermeasures: famous brand paint anti-counterfeiting "six looks and one smell"

"six looks", which are to look at the factory name and address, the trademark, the barrel body, the label, the product identification code, and the product

it is also easy to identify fake goods by looking at the barrel body: the printing quality of counterfeit goods barrel body is poor, the outline of the theme pattern is not clear, there are often printing problems such as inaccurate positioning, and the color is different from the real barrel

when looking at the label, you should pay attention to whether there is a problem with the printing quality of the label. Fake goods will not be clear enough, with defects or traces of repeated sticking. Look at the product identification code. If it is repeated, it is suspected of counterfeiting

product quality is the most critical. After opening the barrel, stir the paint evenly and check the appearance. Normal products should be even and fine without caking

"one smell" refers to smelling the product after opening the barrel. Normal products should have no abnormal pungent smell

the eliminated Class 0 lamps are still playing the "leading role"

according to the new mandatory national standard for lamps, Class 0 lamps with the lowest safety level will be withdrawn from the production field from January 1 this year. However, the lamp standard has been implemented for more than two months, and there are still many class 0 lamps in the lamp market

according to the classification of anti electric shock protection, lamps can be divided into Class 0, class I, class II and class III. Most household lamps with two-phase plugs without grounding wire belong to class 0. The shell of Class 0 lamps is metal, there is only one layer of insulating skin, and the jack is not grounded. When this kind of lamps have problems, hands are easy to contact the conductive parts, causing electric shock danger. Household lamps such as desk lamps and floor lamps may often move their positions. If the rubber on the surface of the wire is aged or damaged, it is easy to cause users to get an electric shock, which has great potential safety hazards

countermeasures: the management of the store thoroughly investigated and forced it to withdraw from the market

the wooden doors of the workshop plagiarized the design results of large manufacturers

at present, the sales price of wooden door products in the market is 500-600 yuan per piece, and nearly 10000 yuan per piece. When consumers choose wooden doors, they often pay attention to the style and price, but ignore the internal quality of the products. Wooden doors are durable goods. Under normal use, the service life of high-quality wooden doors can reach more than 10 years, while low-quality wooden doors will appear door leaf deformation, paint falling off, hardware loosening and other phenomena after a few months of use. Some small workshop enterprises do not have the basic production conditions, do not have any licenses and qualifications, and enter the building materials market without industry supervision, set up franchised stores, and then directly plagiarize and imitate the design results of large enterprises, but the unethical business behavior of obtaining low cost with inferior base materials and then selling at low prices seriously disrupts the normal business order of the wooden door market

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