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On the afternoon of November 19, the fourth "Banhu" competition was held in the company square. More than 400 people from 22 teams of the company's branches participated in the "Banhu" competition. The company's leaders and all employees attended the competition

xiayuwu, general manager of mountain reconstruction machine, announced the start of the competition. Under the leadership of the team leader, the participating teams arrived at the reporting area in a neat line and with sonorous and powerful steps. The on-site staff deeply felt their fire like enthusiasm. After the formation, the team leader reported to the rostrum loudly, and the commander gave an order, "the movable baffle shall not vibrate the pin on the reversing switch!", The whole team perked up. "Youth commandos -" abide by the oath and add luster to the team flag; unite as one to build a better tomorrow "," operation machine team - "peak team, who will compete, who will attack with the sword", "stormtroopers -" brave, continuous innovation, dedication and strong mountain construction! " The cries of the class resounded through the audience. "Good -" the off-site enthusiasm was also ignited, and everyone continued to applaud the wonderful performance of the team members. The team members were also very satisfied with their performance, smiling and running off. And the team behind is also holding back enough energy to perform well, vowing to show that it can effectively reduce the impact of starting and loading on the electromechanical oil pump, show their best side, and let everyone see their style

Banhu scene

everyone worked hard and never conceded defeat. Their enthusiasm was like fire, and the competition was as fierce as fire. We all worked hard to participate in the competition Torque measurement range: 1% ⑴ 00% race, which not only achieved results, but also showed a spirit of never admitting defeat, but also showed a high spirited and self-confident style of mountain construction

after the performance of each team, general manager xiayuwu delivered a concluding speech. He said that in this Banhu competition, everyone shouted out the momentum of the mountain reconstruction machine and the high spirits of the employees of the mountain reconstruction machine, showing their good demeanor. I hope you will bring the spirit of the Banhu competition to your work, carry forward the spirit of hard work and dare to struggle, and jointly create a better future for the mountain reconstruction machine

after fierce competition, 6 teams finally won. The youth commando team of the assembly branch won the first prize, the operation machine class of the assembly branch and the operation machine class of the metal structure branch won the second prize, the Department installation class of the assembly branch, the warehousing class of the assembly branch and the mountain construction team of the R & D branch won the third prize, and the leaders of the company presented awards to the winning teams respectively

"Banhu" competition has been held for 4 consecutive sessions, and has become an effective carrier for Hongyang mountain to rebuild its corporate culture. The employees practiced carefully before the competition and worked hard on the competition field, which not only reflected everyone's love for this activity, but also showed the popularity of Shanjian culture. "Banhu" competition will continue to be held, and Shanjian culture will grow and prosper together with the enterprise

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