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Shantui technical school held a grand unveiling ceremony of "senior technical school" Shantui technical school held a grand unveiling ceremony of "senior technical school" on September 10, the unveiling ceremony of "Shandong Shantui advanced technical school" was held in Shantui technical school. The company's general manager Wan Guoquan, sunshanzhong, director of Jining staff Education Office, and other guests as well as all teachers and students of the school attended the ceremony

at the ceremony, wanguoquan, the general manager, sunshanzhong, the director and zhangweihong, the vice principal of the mechanical function implementation mainly used for the tensile, peeling, tearing, shrinkage and other mechanical functions of the sample, delivered speeches respectively, and unveiled the nameplate for Shandong Shantui advanced technical school

since its establishment for more than 30 years, Shantui technical school has cultivated a large number of highly skilled talents with excellent skills, moral integrity and high comprehensive quality for the society. This time, it has been successfully promoted to a senior technical school and become one of the only three senior technical schools in Jining City. It is an important milestone in the school's development history. It marks that the school has entered a new stage, It has opened a new page for the realization of sustainable development. Taking this as a new starting point, Shantui technical school will make greater contributions to the development of the company

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