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On January 1, under the influence of snow and wind, the highway takeover group of Ali Province in Tibet administered the section of provincial highway 303 (from the junction of Zhada and Gar to the junction of zhaxigang fork), with a thickness of 1.5 meters, resulting in the blocking of the road

after finding any dangerous situation during the inspection, the guarantee personnel of the preparatory group of the gar highway section immediately start the emergency plan for snow removal and guarantee, and actively participate in the work of snow removal and guarantee. In order to ensure that the road traffic can be restored in the shortest time, 12 security personnel and 5 loaders worked day and night to clear 300000 cubic meters of snow. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery. The Shantui 5T loader that participated in the highway snow removal task this time has strong power, flexible steering, large digging force, strong lifting force and high full bucket rate. It is especially suitable for the loading and shoveling operation of loose materials

at 18:00 on January 2, the snow covered road section was resumed. In order to further improve the traffic capacity of the road, the traffic assurance personnel continued to carry out the pavement widening construction of this section until 24:00 on January 2, and the traffic assurance work was fully completed

drilling can be calibrated according to the operation manual. The cutting speed will not have a great impact on the cutting force

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