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Mountain reconstruction machine sends cool silk care in hot summer and sends deep feelings

mountain reconstruction machine sends cool silk care in hot summer and sends deep feelings

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"after drinking the drinks sent by the company, your fatigue will soon disappear." On July 15, lunxueting, chairman of shanre reconstruction Machinery Co., Ltd., chensongdong, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and chairman of the labor union, and caoyongxin, deputy general manager, came to the production line of the company to offer condolences and send heatstroke prevention supplies to the front-line employees. Li Yang, the employee, drank drinks and felt that globalization was realized through M & A activities. Generally speaking, this was a scene in which the company carried out the activity of "cooling in summer and serving the front-line" and made every effort to do a good job in employee logistics support

since the invasion, Linyi has been hot and stuffy, so how to protect it? There are two basic methods for hot weather, with the maximum temperature approaching 40 ℃. In such a hot season, how to successfully complete the production task while ensuring the health of employees has become a concern of the company. In order to maintain the physical and mental health and safety of employees and ensure the smooth progress of midsummer production, the company and the labor union attach great importance to it, carefully prepare for heatstroke prevention, and give care and coolness to each employee

at 1:30 p.m., the company's leaders, labor union and the person in charge of the production site came to the front line of the servicing workshop, the delivery area and the test site to comfort the employees. While delivering the drinks to the employees, the company's leaders had a cordial conversation with the employees to understand the safety production situation of each station in detail, and told everyone to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and take a rest at the same time. The care of the company touches the hearts of every employee

it is reported that, in addition, the company has taken a variety of ways to do a good job in heatstroke prevention. Arrange to set up mung bean soup supply points at the production site, and each branch on site will supply ice cream and other temperature reducing products in the morning and afternoon of hot weather; The trade union provides a variety of heatstroke prevention drugs such as balsam, Huoxiang Zhengqi water, etc. The above measures are the same and the speed control is not accurately implemented, so that the employees really feel the love of the company

in recent years, Shanda reconstruction Machinery Co., Ltd. and the labor union have thoroughly implemented the measures for the management of heatstroke prevention measures issued by four ministries and commissions of the state, strengthened heatstroke prevention and safety and health education for employees, and effectively controlled various accidents caused by high-temperature heatstroke and high-temperature operation; We will thoroughly carry out the mass safety production activities of "checking the hidden dangers around us, ensuring the safety of employees and promoting the development of enterprises" to effectively prevent and contain all kinds of accidents. At the same time, while doing a good job in the work safety of employees, we also earnestly safeguard the safety and health rights and interests of employees, constantly deepen the awareness meeting of "cool in summer" and the activity of "warm in winter" all year round, and timely send the company's care to the employees who are struggling in the front line of high temperature, bitter, dirty and tired

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