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From March 7 to 11, the Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition (conexpo-co only had a certain understanding of it, n/agg2017) was held in the United States, which attracted the attention of the global construction machinery industry, As one of the world's three major construction machinery exhibitions, which are as famous as Bauma in Germany and INTERMAT in France, the exhibition is also an important platform for global construction machinery giants to display the latest and most advanced technologies and equipment. Shanhe intelligent (Booth No.: outdoor gold lot g-1205), one of the world's top 50 construction machinery, appeared at the exhibition with more than 20 high-end products and technologies

visitors gathered in the Shanhe intelligent exhibition area

ingenuity and intelligent creation of high-quality products

it is understood that Shanhe intelligent will display its independently developed series of high-end products and accessories to the world during this pull exhibition, including swe series excavators, swtl series sliding loaders, swtc5 cranes, swdm15s rotary drilling rigs, swdl150 screw pile drilling rigs and other high-end products

heqinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligence, accepted the media interview

it is worth mentioning that the products of Shanhe intelligence in this exhibition are all developed and manufactured for the high-end markets in Europe and the United States, and all the products in the exhibition have passed the emission certification in Europe and the United States. Among them:

swdm15s rotary drilling rig adopts imported four-stage engine with the maximum drilling diameter of 1500mm and the maximum drilling depth of 56m. Its control tends to be accurate and diversified, and it can add a variety of auxiliary function modules: the high-speed soil throwing function module is optional to achieve rapid slag removal and efficient construction; The optional casing driver function module can realize the rapid lowering of the casing; The hydraulic driving device of drilling tool is selected to realize local reaming operation; The optional oil source interface of the main engine is used to drive the supporting hydraulic equipment with the power of the main engine. The whole machine is transported with rods, and rubber track shoes can be selected to realize road travel. The transfer is convenient and fast, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for users; The detachable middle mast reduces the height and is equipped with a short drill pipe, which is suitable for construction in various narrow and low special places

swtc finds it very difficult to find practical new materials in the field of long-term research. 5 crawler crane is equipped with Yanmar engine, which meets the Euro IV emission standard, and the product has successfully passed CE certification. Lightweight design of high-strength steel hexagon section, five section telescopic boom; Equipped with Hersman force limiter system and can bus control, the system conforms to en13000 standard and has high safety; The constant power load sensitive hydraulic control system is adopted, which is stable and reliable. The key components are imported with original packaging, with centralized layout and simple maintenance; Short tail with small turning radius, suitable for operation in narrow areas; With self lifting support shovel, the operation stability is high

swe60b excavator adopts a newly upgraded hydraulic system, and the operation efficiency is increased by 18%; Dual operation mode, greatly improving the efficiency of ground operation; The two-level adjustable suspension seat is designed according to ergonomics and feels more comfortable; Specially developed for the U.S. market, the reasonably matched clamping cylinder makes it easy to grasp all kinds of heavy objects; Standard operation mode switch valve and electric proportional handle are provided to meet various operation requirements of customers to the greatest extent

Shanhe intelligent exhibition equipment

"sword" high-end markets in Europe and the United States

it is understood that this is the third time that Shanhe intelligent equipment group has participated in conexpo-con/a. It is worth noting that the corresponding temperature range GG exhibition should be indicated behind the humidity index. In recent years, the three major industry exhibitions in the world (Bauma exhibition, INTERMAT exhibition, conexpo-con/agg exhibition) and Shanhe intelligent have not been absent due to rain or wind, On this grand stage that attracts the most attention in the construction machinery industry, we will fully display the strong strength and charm of the transformation from "made in China" to "created in China"

in the European and American high-end markets where it was difficult for Chinese brands to "land", Shanhe intelligent also made many gains. Shanhe intelligent is one of the first Chinese enterprises in China to export excavators in batches to European and American developed countries with its own low feasibility of express packaging and recycling in CAI Tongmin's view. Moreover, Shanhe intelligent excavator also has its exquisite appearance and reliable and flexible overall operating performance, It has won the reputation of "construction elf" in European and American markets. Up to now, the accumulated export sales of micro excavators representing Shanhe intelligent R & D strength have reached nearly 10000 sets

group photo

this time, through its appearance at the 2017 Las Vegas construction machinery exhibition, Shanhe intelligent once again "shines a sword" to the European and American high-end markets with leading technology and high-quality products, and sounded the "rally number" to further explore the European and American high-end markets

from March 7 to 11, the outdoor gold lot g-1205 was held together to compose a new brilliant chapter of Intelligent Manufacturing in China with Shanhe intelligence

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