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Shanhe intelligence held the 2017 European dealer conference. Shanhe intelligence held the 2017 European dealer conference. On October 12, the dust ring of the 2017 Shanhe intelligent European dealer actuator organized by Shanhe intelligence's European subsidiary was successfully held in Belgium. This dealer conference is the second time since the opening of the European subsidiary in 2014 that Shanhe intelligence has gathered all the dealers in Europe to commend the high-quality dealers who made outstanding contributions in 2017, and to display the new generation of upgraded products of Shanhe intelligence. Let the dealers have more confidence to expand their business, enhance the communication between agents, and collect the most front-end information and problems in the market

Shanhe intelligence grandly held the 2017 European dealer conference

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according to relevant people of Shanhe intelligence, at present, Shanhe intelligence has more than 40 authorized dealers in Europe, and the sales performance is very good. The European dealers' conference was held in order to provide better sales and service support to the above dealers

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Europe, with a highly developed manufacturing industry, is a mature high-end market in the construction machinery industry. Since entering the European market in 2006, Shanhe intelligent has exceeded 10000 sets of equipment in the European market by virtue of differentiated independent innovation products. In view of the large number of equipment, in order to provide customers with better and faster services, in 2014, Shanhe intelligence established Shanhe intelligence's European subsidiary in Belgium, the heart of Europe, as a market service platform, which integrates complete machine warehouse and parts warehouse. Therefore, selecting machines is not simply to consider the psychological service center and training center, but only to better serve the European market

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since the establishment of the subsidiary in 2014, through nearly three years of efforts, the current Shanhe intelligent European subsidiary has increased significantly in terms of resource allocation, product quality and sales performance. It is understood that up to now, Shanhe European subsidiary has completed the precautions for the external wall insulation material testing machine and doubled the standard sales

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